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The purpose of Operation Wildcat is to pool the resources of the community
to help school district students, families and staff in need.


In the spring of 2006, the Mechanicsburg Area School District PTOs and Parent Advisory Committee members began Operation Wildcat to help local students and families in need.  District administration has provided a storage site for Operation Wildcat at Mechanicsburg Middle School.  With the support of the school board, district administration and staff, Operation Wildcat is working to help to pool the MASD community resources to help local families in need on an on-going basis.


If you would like to get involved in, have items to donate to or have questions about Operation Wildcat, please contact Leslie Collins, any of the project coordinators or email us at


If you need assistance please contact your child's school counselor



Executive Board Members:


Project Coordinators:​


Project Back to School:

Leslie Collins          717-795-7372 

Donna Gavin           717-497-4611

Project Bikes:

Erin Arva               717-877-8893 

Project Boo:

Charity Castner     717-557-9312 

Project Books:

Holly Anderson      717-253-7076   

Project Clothes:

Meghan Brown     717-448-4091

Melissa Herbein   717-580-5898

Project Enrichment:

Patti Herring       717-713-0617 

Project Furniture:

Maureen Ross    717-773-1988 

Project Gift Box:

Raina Beckett                             

Ann Marie Bolish                        


Project Glam 

Cristi Serina                                  

Project Legacy:

Jaclyn Gingrich                           

Jessica Green                           

Project Pennies for Pies:

Jaclyn Gingrich                         

Project Smile:

Heather Bower   717-736-6576

Cerissa Kleinfelter                   

Project Spring for Socks:

Heather Bower   717-736-6576

Cerissa Kleinfelter                   

Project Tannenbaum:

Patti Herring     717-713-0617

Project Thanksgiving:

Angie Weir     717-873-1002   

Project Yard Sales N More:

Maureen Ross    717-773-1988 

Facebook Page Administrator:

Jason Saposnek                      


TTSU Coordinator: 

Mireya Carlsen


Nate McWilliams


Committee Members:

Alexis McAllister, Bill Richie, Bud Beauverd, Christina Stada, Diane Warner, Gail Perez, Jean Long, Jill Krabuck, Kama Johnson, Margene Harper, Mary Wargo, Michael Libuser, Kelly Mefford, Nadia Renoll, Rebecca Bishop-Gassert, Sarah Wiser, Stephanie Shirey, Stephanie Yerger, Susan Johnson, Suzan Donovan, Tammy Baldwin, Tina Rensel, Toni Fitzgerald


If you would like to get involved in Operation Wildcat, please contact Leslie Collins, any of the project coordinators or email us at

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