If a student or family needs assistance, it is easy for them to get help from the school district.  The first step would be to contact the student's teacher, school counselor or school nurse.  By contacting a school staff member, confidentiality will be preserved.  The request for assistance is then relayed to the appropriate Operation Wildcat Committee person.  




Kindergarten Academy - 717-506-0852

Counselor: Olivia Hiddemen  

Nurse: Kathy Bordlemay, Amy Baer

Principal: Kathleen Healey



Broad Street Elementary - 717-691-4574

Counselor: Lisa Mandia

Nurse:  Erin DeWitt, Cindy Rogers

Principal: Stacy Alexander

Northside Elementary - 717-691-4581

Counselor: Jordan Porr  

Nurse: Kathy Bordlemay, Lisa Haines

Principal: Ashlyn Ecker


Shepherdstown Elementary - 717-691-4589

Counselor: Melissa Lawler  

Nurse:  Suzy Walker, Lindsay Bricker

Principal: Krista Archibald



















Upper Allen Elementary - 717-691-4594

Counselor: Dana Padfield

Nurse: Suzy Walker, Kathy Chasler

Principal: John McIntosh



Elmwood 4/5 Academy - 717-691-4578

Counselor: Mitch Baum (4th grade), Amy Topper (5th grade)

Nurse: Kelly Hoover, Marcie Klinedinst

Principal: Joseph Underkoffler


Middle School - 717-691-4560

Counselor: Kristie Socha (6th grade), Meg Rieley (7th grade), Katharine George-Auwa (8th grade), 

Nurse: Sharon Kessler, Melissa Borgel

Principal: Joel Yohn


High School - 717-691-4530

Counselors: Joel Covert (9th grade), Emma Kromka (10th grade), Robin Clarke (11th grade), Gail Hiestand (12th grade),

Nurse: Deb Haines, Erin DeWitt

Principal: David Harris