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Project Enrichment

This project's goal is to help the Mechanicsburg Area School District and its Recreation Department fund recreational activity scholarships for those students within the school district whose families have financial limits that prohibit funding their participation.  The intent is to ensure every student has an opportunity to participate in extracurricular and recreational activities offered by our school district. 

Project Coordinators:


Patti Herring 717-713-0617, 

The Recreation Scholarship Fund was established within the Agency Fund of the Mechanicsburg Area School District and as such is overseen by the school district. This committee will be seeking grants and monies from various sources including state grants, private foundations, local businesses, municipalities, Parent Teacher Organizations within our district, and other community resources.


You can contribute to the Recreation Scholarship Fund whenever you sign up for a program through the Rec Department and when you buy your pool pass. We are open to suggestion of opportunities to raise money on an ongoing and yearly basis. Please contact Patti Herringwith any comments or feedback.

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