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Project Gift Box

Making the holidays a little brighter for others!

Project Coordinators:

Raina Beckett

Ann Marie Bolish 

It is Operation Wildcat’s mission to pool the resources in our community to help students and families in need.  Over the past years, OW has seen an increase in needs, and with limited resources, we have revised several of our programs to ensure our ability to assist as many as possible.

All students will receive ONE $25 gift. Each family will be able choose from a selected stores what kind of gift card they want for thei child

Project Gift Box 2023

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! On Wednesday, December 6, Operation Wildcat Project Gift Box was able to distribute 297 gift cards to MASD students and families. This year each student received an additional $25 gift card thanks to the support and generosity of Operation Wildcat. Families picking up the gift cards were also able to select books, hats, gloves, coats, scarves, and snow pants along with a bag of pre-assembled school supplies for each student. We are thankful for all of our generous community support and each of our volunteers. We wish everyone a wonderful and happy holiday! Raina Beckett & Ann Marie Bolish

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