Project Tannenbaum

This goal of this project is to collect artificial trees and holiday ornaments to be given out to families during the holiday season.  In addition they will be seeking donations of live trees from local service organizations and businesses.  

A family can only receive one artificial tree from Tannenbaum.  If a family received an artificial tree in prior years, they cannot get another tree in future years.  They can get ornaments, etc..  Families that received a coupon for a live tree can get a coupon for a live tree every year, in addition to ornaments.


Project Coordinators:


Patti Herring, 717-713-0617,

Deb Rock, 717-571-4005,


Project Tannenbaum collects artificial Christmas trees, tree stands, ornaments and tree lights.  We also accept tree toppers, tree skirts, Christmas stockings and wreaths. Please drop off any items on Patti Herring's porch at 613 Lavina Drive


Any questions, please contact Patti at or 717-713-0617.

Project Tannenbaum 2020

While Project Tannenbaum’s distribution night looked very different this year, it was still a great success! 22 families received artificial trees, live tree gift certificates, tree stands, ornaments and lights! We are so appreciative of our extremely generous Mechanicsburg community and their donations of all of these items! Many thanks to CSL Plasma for a very generous monetary donation for the purchase of live trees and to Boy Scout Troop 80 for their donation of those trees at a discounted price! We are so grateful for the volunteers who helped sort, organize and distribute all of the items over an 11 hour day ~ Deb Rock, Rick Herring, Brandi  Gesell, Cameron Gesell, Maureen Ross, Corinne Flemming, and several MASH cheerleaders! It really does “take a village” ..... and what a beautiful “village” we have right here in Mechanicsburg! ~ Patti Herring