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Project Pennies for Pies

The goal of this project is to collect pennies and other coins in order to provide pies for families for OW's Thanksgiving baskets.

Project Coordinator:   

Jaclyn Gingrich jjmgingrich@yahoo.com


Project Pennies for Pies – month of October

Project Pennies for Pies is collecting pennies and loose change to help purchase frozen pies to distribute with the Thanksgiving meals. Look for the Pennies for Pies Jugs in your school’s office* for the month of October. Please encourage your child to bring in pennies or any loose change to put in the jugs. It’s a small way to for them to give back and see how even a small contribution can add up.

*Broad St is collecting Nov. 11-15
*Northside is collecting Nov. 4-15
Thank you for your consideration.

Any questions, please contact Jaclyn Gingrich jjmgingrich@yahoo.com

2019 Pennies for PIes

2019 Pennies for Pies - Broad St

2019 Pennies for Pies - Northside