Project Furniture

The purpose of Project Furniture is to supply furniture, bedding and household items for those in need.

Project Coordinator:

Maureen Ross, 717-773-1988,


Bill Richie, Kaleb Dissinger, Bud Beauverd, Scott Brechbiel, Kyle Haskins



Kathy Martin

As we have all been navigating unchartered waters for months – one thing has not gone away – families needing help from OW Furniture and Housewares.  Our ‘Furniture committee’ consists of Bill Richie, Kaleb Dissinger, Bud Beauverd, Kyle Haskins, and Scott Brechbiel.  Even when we were in ‘red’ and ‘yellow’ we still did our best to meet the most immediate needs of our families.  Housewares and furniture items were pulled, placed on skids and left outside the warehouse, and families were contacted to come and pick up the items – no contact between OW volunteers or the families.  When restrictions were lifted we began to do pick-ups and deliveries – with one big change – all donations must be outside the home (or in the garage) and deliveries are left outside to be brought in by family members.  Everyone has been more than willing to adapt to the new ‘rules’ to keep all of us as safe as possible.  Kaleb and Bud have been making weekly pick ups and deliveries all throughout Mechanicsburg – last week they did a total of 5 stops in record time!  We are grateful for the donations which enable us to continue helping our families, and even more grateful for our wonderful volunteers during this pandemic!

Ongoing Need

We are collecting the clear zippered bags that comforters/blankets/curtains come in to use in the warehouse.  If you have any they can be dropped off at 2425 Clover Drive.

Tax donation receipts available upon request


If you have any of the above to donate please contact Maureen at 717-773-1988 or


Help Needed

Project Furniture is in need of volunteers to help with the pick-up and delivery of furniture and beds, as well as ongoing organization of the furniture area of the Operation Wildcat warehouse.  You do not have to have a truck or trailer to help out – we are most in need of the ‘muscle’ to move the items in and out of the warehouse. Days, evenings or weekends – any time would be helpful. If you would like to learn more about Operation Wildcat’s Project Furniture please contact: Bill Richie at or Kaleb DIssinger at


Service Hours Opportunities:

Project Furniture and Housewares is always in need of help with sorting and organizing items in the storage facility.  Please contact  the Project Coordinator if you, or your group, would like to volunteer.

Donation of Items

  • We only accept new or gently used furniture

  • We cannot accept any items that are broken, stained or torn.

  • If you are donating sheets, comforters and blankets, please label the bag, with a marker, with the size being donated, i.e. Twin, Full, etc

· PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY FURNITURE ITEMS at volunteers' homes or at school buildings. If you have furniture to donate, and are able to transport it, please call one of the project coordinators.

If you have small items to donate, they can be dropped off at 2425 Clover Drive (Country Square development).

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